Whats in a name?

Whats in a name? Well, a lot. A name can be very specific, or it can be very vague. It can tell people that you do one thing, or many things. And if its not a good name, it can say absolutely nothing at all. When we first started Toy [...]

We got a new toy!

We can't help it. We're gear heads. We get excited when new technology is created to make our work easier, better, faster, smoother, cleaner - so when we found out about the parabolic motion slider system - try saying that five times fast - the "One Man Crew" from Redrock.... [...]

Top 10 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Videographer

The List The big day goes by in the blink of an eye. Capture the memories and emotions. Relive the big day any time you want. It is a family heirloom and time capsule. Be in multiple places at once and watch the moments you missed. Share [...]

Kris + Andrew

We absolutely love to shoot weddings and when we have a couple like Andrew + Kris, our work is easy. We shot their engagement in Old Towne Alexandria and the wedding was held at the Waterford at Fair Oakes with photos at the Winery at Bull Run. All very unique [...]

A Learning Experience

Learning is not about the goal, it's the journey… You should never be surprised where and when learning happens. While working on a recent long-term project, I quickly learned that I had underestimated several key aspects of the shoot and subsequent edits. In the end, however, the product never suffered [...]

Evocent Affectu

Evo what? Evocent Affectu. I love shooting weddings. I absolutely love it. Some days I love it more than other days, but even when it's hard...I still love it. Evocent Affectu. I love being a fly on the wall, capturing things like; An older brother helping his younger brother tie [...]

Stories about stories…

I'm a giant sap. I love, love stories! I just enjoy hearing them in their own words from the people who've lived them. My wife can tell you, I had a perma-grin while editing our most recent Love Story film. From the disagreement over their first meeting, to whether or [...]

And the winner is…

David Sulwer! Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway! We gained almost 40 new likes. Our goal was to get up to 600 likes on our page by the end of it the giveaway, and we only missed it by one. So we're starting a new giveaway! 1 free hug [...]

a blog

This is a blog. I hope it will be fun. A fun blog. If I had started blogging when I was 10, that's probably all that would have been written. I wasn't much of a writer back then. Still wouldn't really call myself a "writer" but I'm going to be [...]